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  • July,05, 2021
    More news about iPhone 13 Series: configuration, appearance, performance, battery will be fully upgraded!

    At the 2021 Vivatech Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook mentioned about the iPhone 13, which was the first time Cook responded to iPhone 13, but it was very limited. Cook said iPhone 13 would be better than iPhone 12 and help people solve more problems.

  • June,02, 2021
    Why do you need an anti-blue light iPhone LCD screen?

    What is blue light?Visible light contains a range of wavelengths and energy. Blue light is the part of the visible light spectrum that contains the highest energy. Because of its high energy, blue light has more potential to cause harm to the eye than other visible light.Blue light and visible light

  • April,08, 2021
    ProMotion display with 120Hz refresh might come to the iPhone 13

    The iPhone could gain a ProMotion display in 2021 to optimize viewing content but may necessitate the use of LTPO technology to keep the battery life under control. Samsung has used similar techniques to push its display refresh rate up to 120Hz as well.It is claimed that Apple wants its Pro models

  • April,23, 2021
    Air Freight Rates have skyrocketed.

    Recently DHL/UPS/FedEx warehouse overloaded and the price for express by air rising up to 70¥/KG sharply. We received the price increase notice from DHL forwarder that the price will keep rising in the following weeks. Some of foreign sales person said :”It is incredible that now DHL/UPS/FedEx expre

  • March,16, 2021
    How the Global Chip Shortage is Affecting the mobile phone parts industry?

    Anyone in this industry should realize the market situation is quite different from the previous years. Today we are going to talk about the underlying causes. A global microchip shortage is plaguing not only the personal computer making and car production, but also hitting the entire cell phone ma

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